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LinkedIn targets the market

LinkedIn targets the market

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LinkedIn official 150x150 LinkedIn targets the marketOn the 20th of June LinkedIn rolled out an exciting, new feature which allows organisations to post targeted updates to specific company followers.

LinkedIn company page administrators are now able to send custom messages to members based on company size, industry, job function, seniority, geography and including/excluding company employees.

Once the update has been posted to the selected viewership, access is then given to detailed analytics of the users who see and engage with the content. It marks a move forward for the site which, as the largest professional network on the internet, is clearly trying to drive increased user engagement.

For hiring managers the new function is a very valuable tool, as it allows them to be able to deliver highly personalised content to the relevant followers. For example, job opportunities can be shared solely with followers from the appropriate industry and level of seniority.

Targeted Status Updates are a sure fire way of increasing brand awareness and upping the game when it comes to extended exposure. To gain maximum effect when delivering a message you want to be able to tailor it for the desired audience. Now that you can target content to those who match a specific criterion, you instantly increase loyalty and engagement to your brand.

It means that you can put out a far more refined and tightly packed message on a more regular basis; without having to be conscious of it becoming like spam when clogging up follower’s news feeds.

Once content has been submitted it can then be chartered and the effectiveness of it tracked. This is done via a follower insights page which gives administrators access to the demographics, growth and levels of interaction of company followers.

Below is a screenshot of where it has been used:

LinkedIn screenshot 12 LinkedIn targets the market

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